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Welcome, my name is Stanley Jack Niles and I have developed this site to document my gardening journey in the land of the Huguenots.

My wife and I live in Friedrichstal Germany, one of five villages that make up the town of Stutensee. Friedrichstal was founded in 1699, by Huguenots fleeing religious persecution from the north of France, and also by way of Belgium and Switzerland.

The house that I live in is an orginal Huguenot house, but sometime between 1700-1710. Our house only has a very small yard on one side, so our gardening is very limited on our own land.

Our Yard Garden

But I have been “borrowing” garden space from two of my neighbors. One garden, I will call it our L-Garden,  is approximately 20 square meters:

Our L-Garden

The other garden is approximately 160 square meters, and is part of a 500 square meter space that I share with two other families. The owner of this  land inhereited the house from his mother and has no desire to garden, he is happy when we take care of it for him. I will call this garden the E-Garden.

The E-Garden

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