End of July Update

The garden has been very productive this year, despite an overall lack of rain. Here are a few highlights:

Green beans: 4.82 kg
Strawberries: 20.76 kg
Red currents: 5.66 kg
Potatoes: 53.3 kg
Garlic: 108 pieces
Onions: 201 pieces
Carrots: 3.5 kg
Zucchini: 198 pieces (to date)

The new beds are doing well, the melons and pumpkins are spreading out rapidly:

The expanding melon and pumpkin patch.

Our two pear trees are really bearing fruit:

Garden Expansion

Mid-May marked the second month of working in my home office as a result of COVID-19. This has the advantage that I have more time, because I don’t have to commute to work each day. I can also spend my lunch breaks in the garden.

Most years I am very ambitious with my gardening activities, this year I brought this to a new level. I had a few days off from work so decided to turn an unused portion of the garden into garden beds.

Clearing more space for garden beds.

After clearing the grass away and digging up a large pile of roots and stones, I ended up with 5 new growing beds. In one bed I planted a row of watermelon and cantaloupe melons. In another row I planted Muscat (nutmeg) pumpkins. As both of these need a lot of room to grow, I planted buckwheat in every other row as a cover crop.

Three alternating rows of buckwheat, with watermelon and pumpkins between them.

As the melons and pumpkins grow, I can dig in the buckwheat and make the space available for their expansion.

The beds right before I dug the buckwheat in.