My tomatoes want out…

Spring is straining to break out, but the nights are still cool, it dropped below freezing a couple nights this week.

The plants that I started are screaming to go outside, but Friday night the temperatures are predicted to drop to around freezing. But after Saturday the temperature prediction for the next 10 days are favorable, my tomatoes may finaly get their way. I have been gradually hardening them off this week, carrying them back inside each night. I think they are ready, we’ll see.

Tomatoes want out
Tomatoes want out…now!

The lettuce in my raised beds is looking good, we have already been pulling leaves to eat. As home office continues, its a pleasure to go outside and pick some lunch.

Raised Beds
Lettuce and swiss chard, with some sweet corn starts in the foreground.

Our church was able to reopen last weekend, but with limited participants, mandatory masks, and a disinfections station at the door. I was tasked with building the stand:

Sanitation Stand
Sanitation Stand